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Supercharge Your Data

Your data never had it so good: super fast searches, flexible filters, and the awesome power of a relational database. Title Gulf Coast handles it effortlessly behind the scenes so you can easily connect related data together – like linking clients to a project.

Speed & Security You Can Rely On

Our cloud infrastructure is designed for speed and reliability, even if you’re searching millions of records. The security of your data is paramount in every step of the process, from audited internal policies to encryption at rest.

The most important commitment we have is to the security of your data. This commitment touches every part of our infrastructure, our product, and our corporate policies.

Encryption means that your data is encoded in such a way that to the naked eye it looks like gibberish.

For example, if you encrypted this sentence it may look like this:


Any encrypted data must be decrypted in order to be read. By encrypting your data we’re ensuring that only authorized parties (that’s you!) can read it.

Encryption in transit – We encrypt all data as it moves between our servers and your web browser.

Our API is fully encrypted so every request to view or update your records automatically encrypts that data behind the scenes.

Encryption at rest – We encrypt all data that’s stored on our servers.

This includes both the records stored in our databases and search indexes as well as any files and images you’ve uploaded to your Knack database.

Bank-level Encryption – We use both SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption, the strongest encryption available.

This is the same level of encryption that banks use.

Think of backups like a permanent safety net for your data.

We store multiple copies of every change ever made to your database in multiple locations.

Whether you accidentally delete a single record, or your intern deleted the entire database again when you weren’t looking — we’ll be able to find a backup and restore it.

Encrypted & Redundant – Both our active back-up and archives use the same redundancy and encryption as your database.

This means even your backups will be completely secure and reliable.

Redundancy is usually a negative word: it means no longer useful or necessary.

In the data world, redundancy is very good word. A system with high redundancy means that there’s no single point of failure.

If any one component goes down, a redundant component can step right in with no noticeable difference.

For Knack this means that if one database fails you won’t start hearing from your angry users – other databases will pick up the workload.

Multiple Databases – We mitigate database failures by storing your data in multiple databases, so if one database goes down the other databases can pick up the slack.

Each change made to your database immediately propagates to these redundant versions.

Multiple Locations – Having multiple databases won’t help if they are all stored in a single location. One well placed meteor landing and those databases are gone.

We mitigate location failure by storing the extra databases in different geographic locations.

Offline Backups – we store physical backup files in a separate location from the servers as a final safeguard in case of major catastrophe.

These backups are made on a daily basis and are encrypted using AES-256 encryption keys.

We use Amazon Web Services to power everything that we have to offer. As a Title Gulf Coast customer you inherit all the best practices of AWS policies, architecture, and operational processes.

Amazon Web Services is considered the industry leader in cloud services and is trusted by organizations like DOW Jones, Pfizer, and the CDC.

Amazon’s secure data centers enable the redundancy and scaling that equates to a secure and reliable service for your databases.

Compliance – AWS environments are continuously audited, with certifications from accreditation bodies across geographies and verticals.

Amazon has achieved compliance with the most strict compliance programs.

DDoS Mitigation – AWS provides a robust platform that is not only pre-built to mitigate some attacks, but it also allows us to react quickly to spread out impact if there is an attack.

We’ve also added safeguards to underlying servers as an additional level of protection.

Built in Redundancy – Title Gulf Coast uses AWS features like Auto-Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing to ensure that our production systems remain online and traffic is always routed to healthy instances.

We continuously replicate your data and have it ready to bring online if any primary nodes fail.

Firewalls – We use firewalls to protect every virtual server, database, and load balancer to ensure that only authorized traffic is accessing those resources.

Data Ownership – you are the sole owner of your data and completely responsible for it.

We have no ownership of your data and can make no claims on it as long as you are following the terms of agreement.

Business Ownership – any business you generate with your Title Gulf Coast database is completely your ownership. You’re free to sell access to your database and charge for its usage.

You simply are licensing the usage of the Title Gulf Coast software (which you do not have any ownership claims to).

Put Your Data to Work

Centralize your workflows and processes, all in real-time and completely automated. Notifications, scheduled tasks, and approvals keep the right data moving to the right user.


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